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I am not your average therapist

It's not uncommon to believe that your therapist is someone who has it "all together", a magician that has mastered the art of emotional wellbeing and balanced worldviews.

But just like you, before I became a therapist, I came into the world as a vulnerable child, exposed to varying degrees of love, affection and care. Just like you, these made me feel like I am not enough. And just like you, I felt like I had to fight for my worthiness. I craved connection with others whilst simultaneously when anyone tried to get close to me I'd run a mile. 

Ultimately, my struggle stopped when I learned to own my story and identify my patterns. I gained a strong understanding of how these shaped me and I learned strategies to manage my emotions and reconnect with my true self, not what trauma taught me to be. Now I am here to teach you how to do the same.


My Qualifications


BSc in Psychology, University of Warwick

Sept 2010- June 2013

PgCert Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions, UCL

Sept 2015- Sept 2016

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Royal Holloway University

Sept 2018- Sept 2019

Relevant Training

  • The Neurobiology of Attachment, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

  • Dr. Sue Johnson's Intensive Course in EFT: Attachment-based interventions for couples in crisis

  • Schema Therapy: Basic & Beyond for Narcissism, Borderline, Eating Disorders with Wendy Behari 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Couples Therapy, Reconnect UK

  • Beyond the basics of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Dr Judith Beck

  • Time Limited Schema Therapy with Helen Startup and Janis Briedis

Before starting my journey as a therapist, I worked as a support worker, helping people at risk of homelessness. I then spent around 5 years in the NHS in various clinical roles including management and teaching roles. In the summer of 2020, I decided that it was time to venture out on my own and started my own therapy business, Ioana Rotaru Therapy.

Since qualifying, I adhered to continuous professional development and attended further training and workshops on other CBT-related modalities such as ACT, CFT, Schema Therapy as well as completed Cognitive Behavioural Couples Therapy training. I love studying and updating my knowledge and as part of remaining accredited with the BABCP, I attend a specific number of trainings every year to stay up to date with the evidence base and enhance my skills.  

As I enjoy writing and sharing educational content, I have co-authored a series of guided journals, called "The Feel Good Journals", which are available to buy from Amazon worldwide. 

White Abstract
"My own painful stories were the birthplace of compassion, empathy, kindness and gratitude. I use these to pour myself into the work I do with you."

Ioana Rotaru

Outside of therapy

You may know more about me from my Instagram which is the space I use to educate and empower others to make real, lasting changes in their lives that lead to better relationships with themselves and others. I love educating as much as possible which is why I am so active online and collaborating with others. 

Aside from being a therapist, I co-run "New Source Recruitment", a leading recruitment agency supplying the luxury hospitality market in the UK. It is my family's business which I have co-founded and the pulse behind it is my passion for entrepreneurship. My heart gets a little bit more excited when I hear you talking about your career aspirations especially when you are thinking about setting up your own business. I have been there and done that twice and it is such a privilege to witness your journey too. 

 I can not hide that I am a high achiever. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and I am motivated by my value of being of service to others. Ultimately, I cannot imagine a future where I am not working.

Book an Initial Consultation

If you are ready to take the next step and would like to discuss how we can work together, then book a free 15-minute initial consultation. 

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